COMPARISON: Juan Montoya and Nigel Mansell

In a new series I am doing on the blog, Comparison. I compare certain things. The first one is Nigel Mansell’s rookie championship year and Juan Montoya’s championship year as a rookie in 1999. Remember Mansell came after the Williams F1 team basically kicked him out for Alain Prost in 1993 and Montoya was basically a straight swap for Zanardi at Williams. Montoya was  a test driver at Williams in 1998 so Frank Williams and Chip Ganassi basically made a straight swap deal.

The 1993 season had 16 races in it but Mansell sat out Phoenix due to a concussion sustained in qualifyin

Mansell Montoya
Races 15 20
Wins 5 7
Avg Finish 6.13 7.95
Top Fives 9 10
Top Tens 10 13
Poles 7 7
Podiums 9 9
Avg Oval Finish 1.4 5.8
Avg RC Finish 9.75 6
Avg SC Finish 8 11.8
Oval Wins 4 3
RC Wins 0 1
SC Wins 1 3
Avg PPG 12.73 10.6
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