Indy Gp Results

Starting Line Up

  1. Nightmare
  2. Blitzkey
  3. Kent
  4. NoDoubt
  5. Toxic
  6. Hippy
  7. Evo
  8. TRC521
  9. AllTime
  10. Central

Finishing Order

  1. NIghtmare- Most Laps Lead
  2. NoDOubt
  3. Toxic
  4. KEnt
  5. Evo
  6. Biltzkey
  7. Hippy
  8. Central
  9. TRC521
  10. AllTime

Points Are Updated


Laguna Seca Recap

Starting Line Up

  1. Nightmare
  2. NoDoubt
  3. Kent
  4. Blitzkey
  5. Evo
  6. Dakinca
  7. Hippy
  8. Central
  9. trc521

Finishing Order

  1. Nightmare- most laps lead
  2. NoDoubt
  3. Kent
  4. Blitzkey
  5. Evo
  6. hippy
  7. trc521
  8. Central
  9. Dakinca

Points are updated!

Upon the conclusion of the race Nightmare(Tyler Cartmell) has clinched the 2017 RML Spring IndyCar league Title, this marks his 2nd consecutive Title in a row Congratulation.



    The owners of Racing Mania, Kent Mueller & Aaron Spear are happy to announce the format of our season finale on Wednesday May 24th, 2017. This has been anticipated for sometime, and since we are three weeks away roughly here are some details.


  • The qualifying lobby will open from May 17th, after the Indy GP to May 23rd(Tuesday) before the race. In order to qualify, you must contact KENTMUELLER1 or ToxicKilla7512, or both on when you would like to qualify. The only times that the qualifying sessions will be closed are from 6pm EST to 12:30am EST on May 18th and 19th.
  • Qualifying itself will be a 6 lap session, you have two warm-up laps, and the best out of your four timed laps is how the starting grid will be set. Any tiebreakers on times will be broken by points standing position. Qualifying will be a simulation damage session and open setups. The maximum field of the race will be 15 guys due to the party can only hold 16 people.
  • The top 5 in points after the Indy GP on May 17th, will be locked in AUTOMATICALLY even if they do not qualify.
  • In event of getting more than 15 people, there will be a 3 minute knockout session for the 15th qualifier on back for the last spot in the race (effectively a bump session)


  1. Tyler Cartmell- Nightmare x24x (#1)
  2. Adam Boughton- xEvo1ut1on (#21
  3. Kent Mueller-KENTMUELLER1 (#11)
  4. Dan Kincaid- dakinca91 (#7)
  5. John Linskey- Blitzkey (#80)
  6. Aaron Spear- ToxicKilla7512 (#15)
  7. Gavin Gunn- NGUxCentral (#8)
  8. Ryan Spear- RMSpear2698 (#98)
  9. Brian Spear- blspear (#22)
  10. Mike Murphy- Murphys Laawl (#18)
  11. Luke LaBonte- TheDamnHippie (#3)
  12. Jacob Reeves- JakeDaSnake191 (#91)
  13. Christian Elizondo- AllTimeLow2016 (#67)
  14. Justin Emery- DeyCallMeBootz (#TBD)
  15. Jonathan Micheels- SpeedingPihrana (#44)
  16. Trey Bush-BloodtyprOwdy (#2)
  17. Brandon Kenney- BCKRacer71 (#71)
  18. Will Spear- wtspear (#12)
  19. Jacob Micheels- bigmac84848 (#4)
  20. Josh Alessandro- Mr Blonde V (#TBD)
  21. Tabari Curry- trc521 (#TBD)
  22. Bud Pennington- CraftyBUDMAN (#TBD)
  23. Mike Overstreet- Hanger8Teen (#TBD)
  24. Justin Dittrich- jd896 (#TBD)


  • The race will be run with EVERYONE using a common setup made by Tyler Cartmell (Nightmare x24x) called RML Indianapolis, it has yet to be made. The race will be ran with fuel and tires for damage settings to eliminate the length of cautions.
  • The lobby will open at 8:15pm EST, the last chance qualifying session (if need be) will start at 8:30pm EST, with the race roughly starting around 8:45pm EST.
  • The race itself will be a 90 minute timed race.
  • In order to compete you must read the rulebook
  • If anyone has any questions please contact KENTMUELLER1 or ToxicKilla7512 on Xbox or email us at, or message our Facebook page, Racing Mania Racing Leagues, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We hope to see you all there on May 24th for the season finale at Indianapolis!

Sonoma GP Recap

Starting Line Up

  1. Nightmare
  2. Kent
  3. Toxic
  4. AllTime
  5. Murrphy
  6. Evo
  7. Hippy
  8. Dakinca
  9. Blitzkey

Finishing Order

  1. Nightmare- Most laps Lead
  2. Kent
  3. Toxic
  4. Evo- Hard Charger
  5. AllTime
  6. Blitzkey
  7. Hippy
  8. Dakinca
  9. Murphy

Points are Updated